CO2 Laser Marking Machine 649-15

AED 39,500.00


For CO2 laser marking machine (HSCO2-30W) : Can mark logo, brand, name, letter, picture, design on the surface of all nonmetal materials, like plastic, stone, acrylic, wood, bamboo, paper, leather, glass, cloth, epoxy, etc.


This machine not only can mark on the surface of plane object also can mark on the round object with our optional rotary, such as pencil vase, flute, bottle and so on

  • ONE year warranty
  • Can work 24 hours a day continuously
  • Maintenance-free, laser equipment can be used more than 25000 hours
  • Our machine use import laser device from America Coherence Company
  • Field lens, galvanometer and beam combiner are import from Singapore
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