OKI Pro7411WT A4 White Toner Printer

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The OKI Pro7411WT A4 white toner printer prints in any colour, including white, on dark and transparent media. Innovative technology gives designers, graphics studios, manufacturers and creative businesses more flexibility for in-house printing, proofing and production.


Specifications :


  • Resolution : 1200 x 600 dpi
  • Max Media Size : 8.5'' x 52'' 
  • Max Media Thickness : 250gsm
  • Print Speed : A4 = 34ppm / A3 = 28ppm
  • Power Supply : AC 220-240V
  • Weight : 28 kg 
  • Dimensions : 17.1'' x 21.4'' x 15.3''
  • Inks : C. M, Y, WT



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# OKI-7411 0 OKI Pro7411WT A4 White Toner Printer 28 kg 1 28.5 kg 17.1x21.4x15.3 cm


Description :


Part of OKI's breakthrough white toner printer range, the Pro7411WT removes the last barrier to creativity and design, giving businesses the ability to simply and cost effectively print in any colour, including white. Combining High Definition LED colour printing with unique white toner technology, the innovative Pro7411WT is an ideal alternative to slow, expensive and error-prone screen printing or inkjet processes.

OKI Pro 7411WT



Stand-out white - High-quality solid white graphics and text


The innovative Pro7411WT provides fast, high-quality colour printing with the added benefit of producing solid, crisp, stand-out white on a broad choice of media types.

  • Ultra-reliable digital LED printing technology and a simple, flat paper path for longer trouble-free printing.
  • Microfine High Definition toner and ProQ2400 Multi-level output quality with 1200 x 600dpi print resolution for sharp, crisp results


Flexible media - Prints vibrant CMYW colours on a wide variety of medias


Bringing greater flexibility to creative merchandise and other graphic arts printing, the Pro7411WT can be used in combination with transfer media to create a new vibrancy of print on dark coloured garments and hard surfaces.

  • Creates vibrant CMYW colours on dark and light-coloured media, clear film and transfer media, ensuring colour and image integrity
  • Prints on paper sizes from A6 to A4, up to 250gsm and creates eye-catching banners up to 1200mm
  • Standard 630-sheet paper supply can be extended to 1,690 sheets


Unique technology - White toner printing breaks down creative barriers


Part of OKI's unique White Toner (WT) portfolio, the Pro7411WT is part of an innovative digital printer range that provides the ability to print using white toner. Based on existing, tried-and-tested graphic arts devices, printing with the Pro7411WT in solid, sharp and bright white is as easy as printing in any colour, overcoming many existing in-house production challenges faced by designers and graphic arts businesses.

  • Creates vibrant print on dark backgrounds, dark coloured garments and other hard surfaces
  • Produces white graphic and lettering transfers on cost-effective transfer media


Business opportunities - Cost-effective in-house printing on-demand


A revolution in printing for the graphics, design and merchandising sectors, white toner printing provides a new, high-performance solution for all kinds of creative printing. From T-shirt and merchandising transfers to short-run packaging and concepts, window graphics, clear film, stationery, invitations, menus and much more, the innovative Pro7411WT gives graphic arts businesses access to on-demand printing and new revenue streams.

  • Prints at the same speeds as standard colour digital LED printers – 34ppm A4 plain paper
  • Great results on paper weights up to 250gsm